We are a diverse team of academics, designers and developers, working together to produce accessible, research-based training that addresses unconscious and systemic biases.

Who we are

TiLT is a Trinity College Dublin start-up team working in conjunction with Dr. Anne Holohan, the ADAPT Centre and numerous trial partners.

TiLT is funded by Enterprise Ireland to commercialise leading-edge social science research that addresses individual and systemic biases within organisations.

What we do

We develop a curriculum of learning objectives, assessments and materials and embed them into an online role-play game.

To do this, we analyse the theory and research in the areas of gender, sexuality, race and ethnicity within the social sciences; we look at state of the art training across the world; and we conduct surveys and interviews with the people who are our end users.

The Game

The storylines and issues in the games come from our research, but the characters are wholly fictional.

Players enjoy the experience and gain useful knowledge, such as making considered decisions, monitoring own behavior, avoiding making assumptions, and paying attention to biases that are discriminatory and therefore illegal.

Supported by

Funded by Enterprise Ireland, TiLT is working in conjunction with a number of trial partners.

If you would like to be a trial partner, please feel free to get in touch.